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Breeders of parrots and exotic birds since 1996.  In our aviary we offer a wide selection of parrots and exotic birds.  Cockatiel's, many mutations, lineolated parakeets, celestial parrotlets, spectacle parrotlets, hahn's macaws (mini-macaws), senegal parrots, conures…..dusky, green cheek and maroon bellied. We offer healthy and quality birds.

Our aviary is located on the shouth shore of Montreal

In our aviaries all our babies are handfed with lots of love and affection.  Our adorable babies are raised in a peaceful and loving family surrounding with day-to-day human interaction.  Not only are our babies handled with love and affection from everyone in our family but also from several of our students and helper.  Their diet consists of pellets, fruits, vegetables and seeds; this gives them a well balance of nutrition to help them grow.
All of our babies are sold weaned and closed banded.  We sell only birds that are bread in our aviary.
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Photo of tree males celestials parrotlets: green, pastel and  blue mutation.

Looking for a parrot…?

If you're looking for a parrot or need aviary consultations you have found the right place!  We offer our experiences and knowledge to help you with either your purchase of a new pet or breeding facility. With the help of our avian network we are able to offer you taillored courses adapted to your need.

Our aviary was started in 1995 and since then we have concentrated in finding the perfect parrots for the active families of today. Since 1996 we've earned several major awards across Canada for our quality breeding and our top quality parrots. 

To visit our aviary, or a free consultaion to select your next parrot; please contact us.
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Last update: July-26-15

Out of the nest!

Newly hatch pastel and blue pastel celestial parrotlets.

Roudybush pellet

Official Canadian distributor for Roudybush since 1996. Our Roudybush product are available in format of 44oz, 10Lbs and 50Lbs. Discount to breeder and club member of bird club in Montreal or anywhere in Canada.
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